Marko Ulvila – An Expert on Sustainable Future

I am running for the Tampere city council to rise a strong green voice in the decision making of this wonderful city. For me, the essence of Green politics is the combination of social justice and environmental sustainability. On local level these can be put into practice by applying principles such as no-one is left behind and taking full responsibility of our actions on the environment.

On social issues I for example support an educational system that helps children from disadvantaged background (poor, migrant, single parent etc) to fulfil their potential. At the young age this means access to a early childhood development and at teens special effort for continuing on secondary education.

On environmental front I work hard so that citizens and companies in Tampere can make the wonderful leap to clean and renewable energy in the next two decades. This can at the same time generate more jobs, cleaner air and nicer surroundings. This contributes to the larger just transition that provides sustainable well-being for all.

The strategy that makes the two interconnected goals possible is democracy. When it becomes a way of life and the main fabric of the society, we can finally overcome inequalities and unsustainable production and consumption patterns. In short, we should opt for ecological democracy.

Do get in touch with me if you have some ideas that you would like to discuss with me, or if you have any questions on my agenda or experiences. Below you can find my brief CV.

Even if you are a foreigner but you have lived in Tampere for a couple of years and have received the letter from the election authorities, you can cast your vote. The polling day Sunday 9 April, the period for postal ballots in Finland is 29.3.-4.4. I and other greens are more than happy to help in locating the right place to vote. Do make your vote count in this election.

You can make a donation to my campaign with the donation tool of the Green party (instructions in Finnish only, sorry).


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  • twitter @markoulvila
Curriculum vitae

Main professional roles:

  • 2015- Chairperson of the Siemenpuu Foundation, Finland
  • 2012-2014 Special Adviser to MEP Satu Hassi, European Parliament
  • 2010-2012 Project manager for a renovation of Annikinkatu housing block
  • 2002-2010 Free lance writer and organiser for civil society groups
  • 2000-2002 Special advisor to minister Satu Hassi, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • 1998-2000 Researcher, University of Tampere

Main publications

  • 2015 Talous kasvun jälkeen (Post-Growth Economy) with Joutsenvirta, Hirvilammi and Wilen
  • 2010 Vihreä uusjako (Green New Deal) with Jarna Pasanen
  • 2009 Sustainable Futures, ed with Jarna Pasanen
  • 2006 Global Political Parties, ed with Katarina Sehm-Patomäki
  • 1996 Kestävä Suomi (Sustainable Finland), ed with Maria Åkerman


  • Born on the revolutionary year or 1968. Married, two children
  • Home in Tammela district of Tampere
  • Hobbies: maintenance, activism, reading